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More Food Adventures!

I am told the food never changes at the dining hall, but that it’s actually quite good. I have a meeting in the village and hence go back to search for that elusive salad. Success! I actually find salad and cooked spinach and make it a healthy lunch.

I also drop by to visit the repair shop adjacent to the dining hall. Calling it a “shop” might be an understatement. They have state of the art equipment and over 50 technicians working there to repair wheelchairs, orthoses and prostheses, and will perform in excess of 2000 repairs during the games. The place is big enough that it’s difficult to take a picture that shows it all. And I learn that modern welding machines are hardly larger than a turkey as well. Lots of toys and fun to watch the activity.


I return to our Team Canada offices where a friendly face is always at the desk ready to help. Our support to our athletes and team officials has become better and better over the years and for these games, I am told the support exceed all expectations.


Our second group of sponsors arrived yesterday and we have a welcome dinner at the same restaurant we used for the first group last week. I did talk about how much food there was, and that some people objected to these huge portions and the associated waste. The restaurant did adjust somewhat so the following picture of my dinner won’t be as impressive as if I had taken it last week – the litre size bowl of potatoes is missing tonight but the “parallel” steak is still there. Maybe it’s a “para”lympic special? I do apologize for the foot in the picture! I still don’t quite finish it but find a little space for yummy coconut ice cream that is so delicious my two lactose intolerant colleagues decide they must try it.


It’s not only the steak that is big. One of our guest and tonight’s birthday girl orders the octopus stew hoping for a lady sized portion to no avail. I did help a bit and it was yummy as well.


Tomorrow is likely to be much the same. I am really starting to miss peanut butter and decent breakfast cereal or granola. I thought they had good granola with raisins yesterday, but on the first bite I discovered these were chocolate chips. I do love my chocolate, but not in my cereal! Trust me I tried. The only syrup they have here is chocolate syrup and I tried it on oatmeal and pancakes – once.

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