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Sunday in Rio

It’s Sunday in Rio, 29 degrees outside, and the beach is just packed. And it’s a long beach full of activity. Time for a walk before getting ready for closing ceremonies. I even encounter some Canadians having lunch by the beach. Nicer location than our “usual” spot, but a few people would eventually regret it later – or at least their GI system did… Luckily I chose to nibble on “the pride of the emirates” dates that I received as a gift and then go to the gym.


One thing I noticed last March when I came for a visit is the kiosk for wheelchair users that helps transfer them to a “beach-worthy” chair and let them enjoy the beach. So I know it’s not only there for Paralympics, and it is always busy. They even have a special lift installed.


It was quite the treat to be staying so close to the beach. One more run tomorrow to enjoy the scenery and then who knows if I’ll ever be back to Rio?


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