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Wrapping It Up

It closing ceremony time. Dinner with our guests first before “more adventures in transportation”. I won’t dwell – we got used to it after a few days. Those who had the unfortunate lunch on the beach decide to try to kill the bugs with a couple of the local drinks call the capirinha. It tastes like lemonade and is almost pure alcohol. So I stayed away from them for most of the games. We all order one (I asked for a bottle of water as well!) but 45 minutes later another one magically appears. I can feel it – but it does appear to have killed all the stomach issues – magic! only smiling faces now posing with the torch.


Great ceremonies – fully stands, and we occasionally get asked to turn on our cell phone lights for effect.


The interesting sight of the night? A Korean young man literally making a movie on his cell phone. I think it’s a story of the Rio mascot falling in love with the Pyeong Chang Games mascot. It was just fascinating to see him with his app cutting pieces of video and making it into a continuous story. We’re a long way from Super 8! Note to anyone under 45 years old…Google Super 8 – it’s not a comic book super power group!



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