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Wrapping It Up

It closing ceremony time. Dinner with our guests first before “more adventures in transportation”. I won’t dwell – we got used to it after a few days. Those who had the unfortunate lunch on the beach decide to try to kill the bugs with a couple of the local drinks call the capirinha. It tastes like lemonade and is almost pure alcohol. Read more

Sunday in Rio

It’s Sunday in Rio, 29 degrees outside, and the beach is just packed. And it’s a long beach full of activity. Time for a walk before getting ready for closing ceremonies. I even encounter some Canadians having lunch by the beach. Nicer location than our “usual” spot, but a few people would eventually regret it later Read more

Rugby Blues

Wheelchair Rugby is fast, noisy, and Canadian! It was invented in Winnipeg by a group of friends who found that wheelchair basketball just wasn’t suited to their level of physical impairment. Canada has always done well at Rugby, but other countries have discovered the sport and are starting to excel at it. Read more

Sexy Paralympians

Indeed I have trying to see if I can beat my London record for viewership which was achieved when I talked about condoms in my blog. Yes hyperbole does sell as does sex. Read more

Clarification (OK…retraction)

Writing is a difficult task on a timeline. I can appreciate the difficult job journalists have to do, almost always on a tight deadline. I have been mostly on the “critical” end of things when it comes to attributing quotes to me, and I also understand how difficult it can be to summarize¬†a 35 minute telephone interview into two paragraphs as happen to me earlier this week in a National Post interview. Read more

Inspiration Porn?

Earlier this week the Ottawa Citizen published an opinion piece from a University of Ottawa graduate student taking umbrage to UK’s Channel 4 campaign of its Paralympic Games coverage. The specific target of criticism was the trailer released several weeks ago featuring athletes and performers with physical impairments calling it “Inspiration Porn”. Read more

More Food Adventures!

I am told the food never changes at the dining hall, but that it’s actually quite good. I have a meeting in the village and hence go back to search for that elusive salad. Success! I actually find salad and cooked spinach and make it a healthy lunch. Read more

Hotter Than Toronto in July

It typically wouldn’t mean much, for for those who lived through one of the hottest summers in Toronto, they’ll know that this is REALLY hot. Usually, hardly anyone goes in the water here unless they have a surfboard. I really don’t know why – maybe there is an undertow, I just haven’t found any time to test it out. Read more

Record Crowds – Sometime We Even Make It!

If there was any fear to be had in relation to these games, it was none of the topics listed prior to the games starting. As I said, zero mosquitos to be seen although there a rumours some people have seen a couple. No report of widespread crime or problem with personal safety. Walking in Barra is kind of like walking in Mississauga. And those empty stands? You’d have to go to the park at 7AM to see them because they have been absolutely packed. Read more

Dew Points

OK maybe I’m trying too hard with the witty titles. The Dew Point is the temperature when the air can no longer hold it’s moisture and cloud or fog forms. I once had a small airplane so I had to learn that stuff. It doesn’t mean I can control it in any way, and my luck with moisture has not been good of late. Read more