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It’s a Wrap!

Ceremonies are over. I’m at the airport waiting for a flight that will definitely not leave on time. On the bus at 1:30AM but it looks like we won’t take off until 6:30AM now. Blogging keeps me awake and I felt I had some catching up to do! Read more

Try being nice, it’s contagious!

Sometimes, being nice in underrated. In fact, some people use “nice” to describe something quite different and many think nice people finish last. In Sochi though, I observed the best side of nice. And it spread as fast as the darn cold virus Read more

Manufactured Landscapes

We’ve all heard that the Sochi Games cost over $50B and that there was an awful lot of infrastructure built to welcome the games.  It’s obvious in Adler, but striking in Krasnaya Polyana. Read more

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand

My usual line when speaking about understanding Paralympic sport is to make an analogy to cricket. I don’t understand it, so I don’t find it interesting. It doesn’t mean cricket isn’t a great sport. Read more

The Miracle of Online Streaming: You Too Can Watch!

Went back to full duties a bit too quickly so the little virus was making a come back last night. So I am enjoying the games from the comfort of my hotel room, for today anyhow. Read more

So much to say, so little time!

I need to get to the semi final hockey game very soon. I thought I’d have a couple of hours this afternoon to blog, but was invited to an official lunch. Read more

Not on Twitter – Not (that much of ) a Problem!

Well maybe a bit of a problem because I try to quickly post a lot of interesting facts and photos there. Best of all, you don’t need a Twitter account to check it out (although it works better…). So here are things you missed that you might want to look at at  Read more

Virus Alert!

No not my computer… If the blogs look a bit goofy, it’s not a virus, but the fact I’m still learning to use this interface. Mind you, the virus in my throat and sinuses might have something to do with it. Read more

Is This Really Winter?

It’s been really warm here. In fact, someone told me that they captured a screen shot of a weather related website where his last two entries searches were side by side. One was Anguilla in the Caribbean, the other Sochi, Russia. Aided by the fact that it’s mid-day in Russia when it night in Anguilla, the shot had Anguilla at 21 degrees and Sochi at 22! Read more

Day one in Sochi: Getting used to a new role

This is a new role for me – President, dignitary – call it what you want. It’s a strange feeling not being in the village at pre-opening getting everything ready for the athletes to compete. In fact, I pretty much arrived last, at 4AM the day of the opening ceremonies. And I’m wearing a suit and tie watching the athletes and mission staff walking from high up in the stadium. Read more