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Rugby Blues

Wheelchair Rugby is fast, noisy, and Canadian! It was invented in Winnipeg by a group of friends who found that wheelchair basketball just wasn’t suited to their level of physical impairment. Canada has always done well at Rugby, but other countries have discovered the sport and are starting to excel at it. In fact, the tournament was so competitive that a number of games finished in overtime or were won by one goal – indeed very tight when the usual score is in the 40s or 50s.

To get to rugby, our “VIPs” have the privilege of going through a back entrance. You only see the beautiful park when you watch TV or online. The logistics behind the scenes is extensive – and not meant to be pretty.


The VIP lounges – sport parlance they are described as the “Family Lounges” – were comfortable if only a bit spartan. But they were a good place to gather and for some of our visitors to get a crash course on the sport, provided here by CPC Board member Gail Hamamoto.


Alas no finals (or eventually any medal) for Canada in Rugby to the great disappointment of our guests. Making it up somewhat is a chance encounter with Closing Ceremonies flag bearer Aurelie Rivard whose face muscles must have hurt smiling for this many pictures.


Disappointing but overall we met our goal of finishing in the top 16 countries – we actually finished 14th and are bringing everyone back home safe and sound.

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