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Posts from the ‘Rio 2016’ Category

Flag Bearer, Photos and Tents

The ultimate compliment for an athlete is probably to be chosen by his/her peers to carry the flag at opening ceremonies. It recognizes not only past performance, but also the character of the particular athlete chosen. And since Paralympians are not lacking in character, the choice is never an easy one. Read more

Decoding those tags! (AKA Accreditation!)

Another blog from Sochi worth having a look. Turns out I wasn’t supposed to blog a picture of my accreditation, so for Rio you can still view the card from Sochi!

Here is the original blog from Sochi

You’ve all seen them when watching athletes on TV, those big plastic cards hanging around their necks, ubiquitous in the Games environment. But what do these cards do really? Read more

Many journalists love our athletes, many others love controversy

This is an update on a Sochi post that is worth repeating. The Road to Rio has not been without hiccups, that’s for sure. The International Paralympic Committee courageously made a statement that supports clean and fair sport in our movement. This did generate some media attention and requests for interviews. Read more