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Prequel: Hill Day in Ottawa

We don’t get to do what we need to do at the Canadian Paralympic Committee without some help, big and small. We have a large number of volunteers giving their time, dedicated employees working long hours, and funders that keep us in business. Our biggest funder is the federal government, and shortly before the games, we trekked to Ottawa to meet as many MPs and Ministers as we could in a day.

They don’t come to see me…they come to see the athletes who come along, hear their stories and hold the paralympic medals they have won over the years. As I often (repeatedly, always…) say, give us twenty minutes with the athletes and we have you hooked for life.

Thank you Hon. Andrew Scheer for hosting us in the House of Commons, and to all the MPs who took time to get to know us better.with liberal leader Justin TrudesuWith MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan

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