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In Transit – When is an airline lounge worth a blog?

Travelling halfway around the world presents challenges, but also its share of pleasant surprises. Getting to Sochi isn’t all that easy. My itinerary happened to take me through Istanbul. It’s a 10 hour flight from Toronto, and the connection time isn’t all that good – over 8 hours waiting at the airport lounge. I had been told by colleagues that this was quite the lounge, and I wasn’t disappointed! Two stories of comfortable chairs and tables, classical music from a grand piano in one area, a small movie theatre, chefs cooking fresh food (the koftas were great!) and even massage therapists circulating around. This could be my new favorite hub!

And that very special touch (that I  – like most men I would imagine – did not notice until my third trip to the bathroom) a bouquet of fresh roses in the bathroom!

IMG_20140306_154425Turkish Airlines Lounge 1

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