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The Miracle of Online Streaming: You Too Can Watch!

Went back to full duties a bit too quickly so the little virus was making a come back last night. So I am enjoying the games from the comfort of my hotel room, for today anyhow. Lots going on, so much that there is no way I could have gone to all of it in person. Snowboard is being run for the first time at the Paralympics, and we also have biathlon and the Super Combined speed run.

In my room though I have a computer and a tablet, and I can watch everything I want live in high definition! I can even go back in time if I missed a Canadian athlete compete because of a much needed nap. It’s not quite the buzz of being there, but for alpine/snowboard events, I can see the skier through the entire course, whereas in person I can only see them at the bottom of the hill. There is a giant screen at the venue, but in the sun the picture isn’t very clear.

I should have discovered that earlier – and could have told you (if you had not tried already) because I am really amazed how good it is! So if you want to watch the gold medal curling match live (or bronze which is at the same time but we’re not thinking about that), you can do that Saturday morning during breakfast – or watch the semis late the evening before if you are on the West Coast!

Go to , it’s really easy!

And that last picture? I took it with my smartphone from the tablet streamDuek iPad

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