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Not on Twitter – Not (that much of ) a Problem!

Well maybe a bit of a problem because I try to quickly post a lot of interesting facts and photos there. Best of all, you don’t need a Twitter account to check it out (although it works better…). So here are things you missed that you might want to look at at 

The Russian lost in Hockey to…South Korea and were left for dead after that game (played in front of Vladimir Putin). But…they found a second wind and beat the US (perennial Canadian opponent) in the last round robin game to find a fairly relaxed (a bit of a stretch) semi final game while Canada plays the US in the other semi (sounds familiar?). This is getting interesting!

You have to watch the Rick Mercer Report from last week with our Para Biathlon and Para Nordic athletes. and there’s another one coming tonight! Rick has been one of our best advocates over the years and has featured dozen of paralympic athletes on his show.

And as much as I like Rick, if you only have 4 minutes available now, you have to watch this piece from Alpine Canada “pedal to the carpet”  It’s fantastic – and for those of you wondering why the title, we French Canadians prefer to put the pedal to the carpet (mettre la pedale au tapis) rather than the metal. That’s what happens with French speaking coaches speaking English!

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